Sen. Lisa Murkowski


Key Stats

Last election: 44% 
Trump vote: 51.3% 
Clinton vote: 36.5% 
First elected: 15 years ago
Reelection: in 5 years

DC phone number: (202) 224-6665


Sen. Dan Sullivan


Key Stats

Last election: 48% 
Trump vote: 51.3% 
Clinton vote: 36.5% 
First elected: 2 years ago
Reelection: in 3 years

DC phone number: (202) 224-3004


This is it. 

This is it. This is the final week for us to defeat TrumpCare, and Senators Murkowski and Sullivan are two of the most likely Republican Senators to oppose it. The time to act is now. Call their offices. Attend a statewide action. Tell them to oppose this bill because of all the Alaskans that lose coverage. Because it jeopardizes women's health. Because it ends Medicaid as we know it. Because people will die as a result of this bill. Get to work.


Alaska TrumpCare Facts.



Average premium increase


Total Health Insurance Coverage Losses


Medicaid Coverage Losses



Child Medicaid Recipient Coverage Losses


Disabled Medicaid Recipient Coverage Losses


Individual Market Coverage Losses


in lost federal healthcare funding


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