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Top 10 Best Shocks For Ford Ranger 4×4 Review and Crucial Facts You Must Know

For finalizing on the best shocks for ford ranger 4×4, you might have been browsing over to a vast number of similar shocks.

Some are available as a single shock, some in pairs, while others form a 4-pc set or a toolkit.

If you are a passionate driver, quality and durability is the first thing that will look for. Shocks serve a significant purpose in the vehicle’s suspension, and extensive usage may damage them quite soon.

Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger: Comparison Table

Photo Title Buy
Monroe 58620 Monroe...image Monroe 58620 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber Buy on Amazon
Gabriel 43167 Rear...image Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier Buy on Amazon
WULF 1-3 WULF 1-3" Front 2" Rear Leveling Lift Kit with Shocks compatible with 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4X4 for Torsion Bar Suspensions Buy on Amazon
Monroe 58653 Monroe...image Monroe 58653 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber Buy on Amazon
Skyjacker B8560 Black...image Skyjacker B8560 Black MAX Shock Absorber with Black Boot Buy on Amazon
Belltech 8000 Nitro...image Belltech 8000 Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber Buy on Amazon
WULF 1-3 WULF 1-3" Front 1.5-2" Rear Adj Leveling Lift Kit with Extended WULF Shocks compatible with 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4X4 with Torsion Bar Suspension Buy on Amazon
Detroit Axle -...image Detroit Axle - 2WD Front and Rear Shocks Replacement for Ford Ranger Mazda B2300 B2500 B3000 B4000 [w/Coil Spring Front Suspension] - 4pc Set Buy on Amazon
Rancho RS5000X Gas...image Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4WD Buy on Amazon
cciyu 4 x...image cciyu 4 x Front Rear Struts Shock Absorbers Fit for 1998-2011 for Ford for Ranger,1998-2007 for Mazda B3000,1998-2009 for Mazda B4000 344079 37014 341302 37122 Buy on Amazon

Instead of changing only one shock, it is advisable to change all four of them together.

Although it may not be visible, they undergo similar impacts and similar travel duration; thus, their effectiveness will reduce in a similar form.

What is the best Ford Ranger shock?

Monroe is the best shock for the Ford Ranger available in the market as of now. However, the Gabriel is a stunning alternative if you are looking for a shock with different specs and features.

Why is Monroe the best choice for Ford Ranger?

We highly recommend Monroe as the best choice for Ford Ranger because of the superb protection it provides to the vehicle’s suspension.

These shocks effortlessly adapt to the situation and adjust accordingly.

Also, the lasting material and heavy coiling make the product a durable choice as well. Altogether, it is a winner because of its affordability and the many exclusive features that it extends.

The 10 Best Shocks For Ford Ranger 4×4 Review 2021 

Below is a list of few leading brands with the best Ford Ranger shocks review.

Along with the primary buying considerations, some of the frequently asked questions and their respective answers are also included.

We hope to provide you with the basic idea of the best replacement shocks for ford ranger, which improves the riding experience and enhances performance.  

01. Monroe 58620 Full Displaced Valving Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents damage to the suspension
  • Improves driving experience
  • Avoids leaking
  • Highly adaptable
  • Heavy coils

Before you hit the highways for your next trip to the town, take a look at the shocks of your Ford Ranger 4×4. If you notice even the slightest wear on them, it is always better to replace them than getting stuck midway.

With these shocks’ help, the driving experience will improve and prevent further damaging the suspension system. Since most shocks tend to leak their fluid, Monroe’s shocks have an added advantage in this regard.

Along with being compatible with your truck, its unique piston ensures maintaining as little friction as possible. Thus, allowing everyone in the Ranger to experience smooth driving. 

Both the shocks can effortlessly adjust to the changing conditions of the road. Thus, next time while driving through a rough patch, you won’t have to worry about the impact.

Likewise, a change of carrying weight on the way will not cause any effect on the tires. Instead, it allows feeling the difference instantly.

With the help of this pair of shockers, you can gradually experience an overall change in the tires’ performance and the engine. 

By increasing the tires’ strength and tolerating capacity during an impact, these shocks absorb enough weight. As a result, it allows them to carry more weight, and the heavy-duty coils increase the loading capacity.

It’s impressive to see when there is no more sagging of the tires after adding weight. 

Since there is minimum contact between the piston and the pressure tube, the driver achieves more control than the older one.

Hence, these best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger are more reliable and help the sensors gather information about whether to do that instantly. 


  • Keeps a check on the air pressure
  • Quality and durable materials
  • Maintains speed consistency
  • Helps in slight lifting


  • Makes slight noise while driving

02. Gabriel 43167 Combines Shock and Spring Technology Rear Load Carrier

Highlighted Features

  • Travel-friendly shocks
  • Maintains steadiness and control
  • Prevents leaking
  • Distributes heat uniformly
  • Improves tire durability

If you want to purchase travel-friendly and efficient shocks, the pair from Gabriel Store is ideal. Along with supporting the tires to remain in contact with the road surface, it increases their performance.

By minimizing the stress on each tire, these best shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4 help them prevent wearing off fast. The inclusion of both shock and spring techniques is impressive and helps the tires to rest on a cushion-like feel on hitting a rough rocky patch.

By maintaining steadiness and stability, they allow the drivers to keep calm. Moreover, the piston here is chrome-based and thus does not rust and is apt for all seasons. 

Steadiness on the road is achievable by using these shockers as they prevent leaking the interior hydraulic fluid. Leakage can be dangerous, especially while coming across speed breakers or potholes.

Thus, if the vehicle carries the excess load, these shockers will maintain their weight uniformly on all four tires. Most drivers replace their shockers with new ones. 

Another added advantage that these shocks provide is their height-enhancing ability. Since most vehicles tend to slug after few years of usage, replacing the shocks gives it a lift.

Thus, allowing the vehicle to maintain its looks as it was at the time of purchase. However, the height is within the permissible measurement. 

Quality materials used in the shocks dissipate heat uniformly and do not let it accumulate. Hence the shocks tend to remain useful for a longer duration rather than wearing off sooner.

Since they allow the front coils to function at a similar rate, the vehicle’s stability remains constant. Further, you can expect a loading capacity of around 500lbs.


  • Affordable and adequate shocks
  • Follows manufacturing standards
  • Increases longevity of tires
  • Ideal for heavy-duty purposes


  • Installation is complicated for most users

03. WULF 1-3″ Adjustable Torsion Keys Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable shocks
  • Robust and durable
  • Reduces impact on tires
  • Highly compatible
  • Adjustable torsion bar keys

With their impressive Rear leveling kit, the Wulf Suspensions also provide a toolkit that consists of shocks specially designed for Ford Rangers.

Being a premium distributor of suspension lifts and shocks, the brand claims to provide enough support and endurance to the tires. Most users and their positive reviews point in a similar direction.

Moreover, they provide all the essential accessories necessary while replacing an old shock. Thus, ensuring the comfortability of the users rather than searching for other components separately. 

Whether you are using a two-wheel drive Ford ranger or a four-wheel drive, these shocks are appropriate for both of them. The best shocks for ford ranger 4×4 availability of all four shocks in a single package makes it economical.

It is always better to replace all four shocks together as they traveled together for the same distance and encountered the same impact.

Thus, wear in one shock indicates the others will face similar functional disbalance eventually.

Two of each rear and front shocks make it convenient for the user to change all of them at the same time. They are ensuring a save in a large amount of time, effort, and money. 

As far as the components in this toolkit are concerned, it includes all the essential ones. Torsion bar keys are adjustable for modifying the height as per the required loading and riding quality.

Along with all the nuts and bolts, it also includes the rear blocks with compatible U-bolts. A detailed manual guide helps in perfect installation for beginners with the necessary skills.

However, if you are not aware of its fitting, it is always better to seek professional advice. 

WULF suspensions and shocks offer strength and durability with their quality, ensuring materials, which reduce the impact on tires.

Due to their long-lasting shocks and comforting customer service, all the parts in the kit are extraordinary.


  • Ensures restoring the vehicle’s height
  • Stabilizes while speeding
  • It prevents slanting on one side
  • No leakage of hydraulic fluid


  • Color fades with usage

04. Monroe Shocks & Struts 58653 Full Displaced Valving Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy, high-quality material
  • Extends tire life
  • Reduces impact, gives more stability
  • Self-adjusting mechanism
  • Reduce excess heat

Known for its high-quality shocks, Monroe distributes its products across various countries. Being highly compatible with large and heavy-duty vehicles, they are ideal for use in the Ford Ranger 4×4.

After proper installation of these best shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4 and the wheels’ alignment, the riding and driving quality both enhance.

Thus, ensuring that the wheels will remain functional for a longer duration. The impact of bounce and jumps will be less while moving through hilly and rocky terrain.

Further, Monroe’s shocks have half an inch diameter of the piston, which reduces the friction and allows the tires to rest on them without damaging themselves during the impact.

As a result, the feel of bounce on the passengers lowers and prevents them from hurting them. Further, their instant response to different roads and adjusting their ability as per it is commendable. 

The presence of carburization on the outer surface ensures better longevity of these shocks. By supplying a hardened exterior, it can withstand impacts better without damaging the internal components.

The wearing of the cover reduces and hence supports maintaining the efficiency of the piston. A protective carburized layer also prevents damages from dust and dirt and prevents performance failure. 

Both these shocks from Monroe releases heat while functioning. However, they also distribute the heat simultaneously, preventing excess heating.

Even during severe weather conditions, there are no significant changes that may affect its ability. You receive smoother riding and driving adventures throughout all seasons. 

Once you adjust and install the shocks, there is significantly less vibration, usually due to worn-out shocks or a damaged wheel. There are also no changes in the height of the vehicle.

Hence you receive an improvement in comfort level within a friendly budget. 


  • Dependable and dust-resistant
  • Uniform control on the vehicle
  • Requires basic installation skills
  • Increases the payload capacity


  • Requires plenty of installation tools

05. Skyjacker B8560 Advanced Foam-Cell Technology Black MAX Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features

  • Promises comfortable drives
  • Prevents chances of leaking
  • Works as a stabilizer
  • Improves vehicle longevity
  • Controlled drives and acceleration

If you have an estimated expense and want to change only the damaged shock, this is a great option. Along with the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger, it is also an economical choice.

Skyjacker shocks provide a softer ride than being stiff on the road and also ensures that the suspension stays in place while experiencing impact.

For allowing more space for the hydraulic fluid, this shock uses foam cell technology. By minimizing cavitation and reducing oil usage, the shocks do not get overheated.

The flexibility of these shocks on the speed breakers and potholes does not let unnecessary bounces and thus results in a smooth ride. 

The Skyjacker unit ensures the usage of less gas, which further prevents the chances of leakage. Valves at the base and the piston controls the fluid flowing rate and its dampening.

By reducing the stress on the seals, they reduce the regular maintenance costs. 

While driving on the highway with an increased speed, this shock helps in stabilizing the vehicle. Reducing the rate of vibration reduces the chances of damages, especially in the engine and on the tires.

As a result, the downtime decreases, and the longevity of the vehicle increases.

You can quickly feel the difference in the riding quality, and the driver is able to have more control over the vehicle.

The driver also achieves controlled acceleration without the tires bouncing at a very minimal rate with safe driving. 


  • Wearing of tires delays
  • Controls the effect of impact
  • Tires touch the ground
  • No tipping on one side


  • Shock absorption is comparatively lower

06. Belltech 8000 OEM Ride Quality Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents entry of air
  • No leakage
  • Premium quality, more durable
  • Keeps dust and dirt away
  • Maintains ride quality

One of the leading companies of shock absorbers, KW Automotive giving rise to Belltech, is collaboratively working towards suspension tuning.

Many automobile companies rely upon them for their efficiency in the same field, including the Ford Ranger 4×4.

Belltech’s concentration on achieving the best performance makes their shocks famous among other leading competitors.

If your vehicle is suffering from sudden misfires or high diving while using hard brakes, you can consider replacing the shocks with this one. 

Apart from maintaining the materials’ quality, this shocker is as per the new and advanced design structure. Further, it is designed in such a way that there is no way that air can enter and disrupt the system.

With its sturdy and robust sealing capability, there is no leakage, which is quite common in other incompetent shocks. Its adaptability is a feature to look out for, which synchronizes with the regular impact that occurs to the Ranger. 

Cavitation usually occurs while liquid flows through the control valves. Since these shocks involve gases, they avoid reducing the actual efficiency of the valves. Thus, by the use of Belltech shock, the liquid. 

The presence of metallic boots in the shocks ensures their durability and acts as protective seals during extensive bouncing. Along with being cost-efficient, this metallic boot keeps dirt and dust away while remaining fully functional after prolonged usage. 


  • Includes a protective coating
  • Shock resistant to rust
  • Ensures better performance and control 
  • Enables higher operation in speed


  • Rubber mounts wear out soon

07. WULF 1-3″ High-Quality Front 1.5-2″ Rear Adj Lift Leveling Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Prevents wearing of vehicle
  • Great stabilizer for speeding
  • Maintains driving quality
  • Minimizes leaking chances
  • Smooth drives on rough terrain

Riding a vehicle with the best shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4 is overwhelming, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility and maintenance. After a few years of use, the functioning and operations gradually fluctuate than the standard ones.

In most cases, Ford Rangers cannot stabilize while speeding up on the highway or may contribute to frequent wear in the tires. In such situations, one common factor which is often overlooked is the shocks.

If you are using your Ranger for heavy-duty purposes, gradually, the overload’s impact falls on the shocks. As a result, the height of the Ranger lowers, tires wear off, and driving quality deteriorates.

Check out this product that includes shocks for all four tires and includes other necessary components. 

Along with other accessories, the inclusion of adjustable lifts catches immediate attention. However, it claims to increase the height by 3 inches in the front.

Further, this increase in size creates space for a larger tire. Thus, if you wish, you can enhance the look of the Ranger. 

Although a basic installation manual accompanies the accessories, it is better to seek experienced users or professionals’ advice.

With minimal installation skills and a thorough read of the guidebook, you are good to go ahead with the installation.

However, ensure to have the necessary pieces of equipment handy like a bolt remover and rust-releasing spray. You might also need a jack stand. 

After a complete installation procedure, there are very minimal chances of leakage of the hydraulic liquid. The pistons located inside the shocks are efficient and reduces friction, preventing leakage.

Moreover, the seals are sturdy and do not break easily. Thus, you get a smooth riding experience while moving across bumps and rough conditions.


  • Easy installation for experienced mechanics
  • Suits all models with torsion bar
  • Sturdy dust boots
  • Includes torsion keys


  • No bolts included

08. Detroit Axle Premium Quality 2WD Front and Rear Shocks For Ford Ranger

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures safety and stability
  • Gives more control
  • Improves vehicle and tire longevity
  • Support suspension system
  • Noise-less operation

Being an experienced driver, you can quickly tell the difference when there are some discrepancies in the functioning of the Ford Ranger.

Apart from endangering yourself and the fellow passengers’ safety, there is an increased discomfort and wear in tires gradually. Damage in shocks often leads to similar issues and, at times, tips to one side while turning.

Shocks, although an essential component in the vehicle’s operation, is often overlooked. They help control the impact and support the tires to remain in contact with a surface, both while resting or in motion. 

Since this kit includes four shocks, it is convenient for the vehicle owner to change the old ones all at a time. Although some people consider replacing only the damaged one, it is better to replace it altogether.

The primary reason being that they have been in usage together and have also traveled similar distances and through the same conditions.

Thus, wear at one point that others are in the more or less same condition. If you do not change now, there might be a need very soon. 

By supporting the vehicle’s suspension system, these best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger ensure the longevity of the tires and the vehicle as a whole.

They also stabilize the performance while on the highway or rough patches on the road surface and add enough stability to driving. 

The severe impact of bounces on the roads often causes discomfort to all. At times it also leads to severe injuries.

Once these shocks are installed correctly, the bounces’ experience will lessen and allow more control while driving. 


  • Does not create any noise
  • Installing is comparatively manageable
  • Strong and durable materials
  • Resistant to rust


  • Installing tools are necessary

09. Rancho RS5000X High-Quality Gas Shock Set 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 4WD

Highlighted Features

  • Installing is quick
  • Lightweight
  • Complete package with all tools
  • Suitable for all four-wheelers
  • Sturdy welding, long-lasting

Are you looking for a compatible shock for your four-wheel drive Ford Ranger? One such performance-enhancing unit that will relieve you from stress is from GoRancho.

Along with increased acceleration, it offers better driving and riding experience. Although the rate of vibration increases while crossing rough patches, the shocks stabilizes them.

Thus, ensuring better control while taking steep turns and twists. 

Since all the four shockers in this set are not heavy, they are convenient while installing. If you are an amateur, you may require the assistance of an experienced one to hold the shock while installing.

It is better to seek professional advice while dismantling the old shock, as well. However, these are pretty handy for those with prior knowledge.

With all the accessories in the package, you will not need anything extra. 

With the proper installation of these shocks, you will experience better driving comfort. Since the bounces of impact will reduce, you can easily take the necessary action while turning.

These shocks’ quality materials are due to the sturdy welding, which ensures its durability and proper functioning.

Apart from being ideal for a Ford Ranger, they are also applicable to all four-wheelers. Its resistance to dust and dust supports less wearing and prevents its leakage.

The easy setting-up procedure makes it ideal for beginners and amateurs. 


  • Two each for rear and back
  • Damping and rebound are perfect
  • Includes the basic parts
  • Maintains consistency in height


  • Washers are challenging to use

10. cciyu 4 x Vehicle and Good Control Performance Front Rear Struts Shock Absorbers

Highlighted Features

  • Reduces heat
  • Sufficient seal prevents leaking
  • Improves friction
  • Sturdy, durable material
  • Rust-resistant

Known for their standard manufacturing and long-term usage, cciyu’s shocks are of quality materials made of metal with proper welding. The presence of efficiently welded parts results in durable and operable shocks for your Ford Ranger.

Shocks are often not paid attention to during regular maintenance activities. But they form an integral part of the suspension system and ensure that the tires always touch the ground.

Most shocks tend to be dysfunctional on heating up. However, these can dissipate the heat to its surroundings. 

Since these shocks include a valve inside them, they adapt well with increasing acceleration. Thus, the next time you ride your Ford Ranger on the highway, it will help the vehicle stabilize.

Further, the rear end will not skid while accelerating. As a result, it ensures the utmost safety to all the passengers inside the vehicle and the driver. 

In most cases, the shocks tend to leak their internal fluid, further damaging the entire suspension system. cciyu shocks are resistant to leakage due to their efficient sealing.

Additionally, to completely avoid any such instance, the liquid is also resistant to vaporization.

Thus, even if there is increased friction or the impact of driving is high, the piston will not release the liquid from the valve. 

These shocks can quickly adapt to any weather and road type. With no effect on its functionality and operations, these shocks are ideal if you travel by road to different locations.

They can quickly change their mode of action while transitioning from a smooth surface to a rough one. 


  • Comply with all standards
  • Self-replaceable shocks
  • Sturdy and damage-free packaging
  • Resistant to rust


  • Screeching noise while assembling

Buying Considerations for Best Shocks For Ford Ranger 4×4

Although you received a basic idea of shocks and their features through the above reviews, selecting the appropriate one is challenging. 

Apart from being a crucial part of the suspension system, shocks are necessary for providing an effortless driving experience.

Selecting the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger requires a lot of thinking. You must consider a lot of points while choosing the ideal one from a wide variety of options.

Below are a few of the crucial factors that one must consider during the purchasing process of the best ford ranger shocks review.

Affordable Price

Price is always the most vital factor that affects the purchasing ability of every buyer. Every variety of shocks from different brands has a diverse price range.

It is better to decide on a budget before starting to explore the various options. You must choose the one which fulfills your needs and also is cost-efficient.

To further reduce the costs and for your convenience, the seller also offers many attractive deals and discounts.

Compact Sizes

Since you are purchasing specifically for a Ford Ranger with a four-wheel drive, ensure to purchase the compatible one. A misfit will not let the shock perform efficiently, which will further lead to unsafe driving.

Thus, while you buy shocks for all four tires, they should be of the exact size and suit the vehicle model. 


As far as types are concerned, shocks are mainly of three types. Some contain gaseous substances like nitrogen, while others have hydraulic liquid with larger piston diameter.

However, some include pressurized air, which does not make any noise while operating.

You can choose the one as per your preference and the intensity of usage. Heavy-duty shocks are more preferable for larger vehicles like Ford Rangers, jeeps, and SUVs.


While searching for an apt fitting shock for your Ford Ranger, ensure that they follow the standard manufacturing process. A safe and protected one will last longer and enhance the overall performance of the vehicle.

A branded shock will have high-quality materials that will improve stability and be resistant to rust. 

Crucial Q&A for Best Ford Ranger Shocks Review

Q: How to Install the Best Shocks for Ford Ranger 2wd

A necessary installation of the shock in a Ford Ranger 4×4 is the same. Some toolkits provide all the essential accessories that you need while installing, including the bolts.

At the same time, others are devoid of them. After securing the raised vehicle with a jack stand, and use some penetrating oil to remove rust.

Once you locate the mounting hardware, use a long socket to loosen the bolts. Remove the older shock and replace it with the new one and then ensure to secure the bolts.

Q: Do all shocks lift the height of a Ranger?

Ans: No, not all shocks have the capability of raising the height of a ranger. However, if you purchase a toolkit with an adjustable lift, it will increase the size to some extent.

Q: How do the best replacement shocks for ford ranger make the tires last longer?

Ans: Since shocks are an integral part of a suspension system, their perfect installation keeps the tires in contact with the road surface.

By reducing the impact on tires while driving through a rocky patch, the wearing on them reduces.

By increasing the bounce time on an uneven surface, the opposite force reduces, thus avoiding hurting others.

Q: What happens to the vehicles due to bad shocks?

Ans: Damaged shocks de-stabilize the vehicle significantly while accelerating on a highway. Leakage of the hydraulic liquid is common in worn shocks, making it difficult while taking turns.

Effect on the suspension due to bad shocks disturbs the riding quality and may stop abruptly.

Q: How to prevent shocks from making noise?

Ans: Usually, the spring shocks make the most noise. But if you wish to get rid of this irritating noise, you can use a rubber plate between them

Q: How do shocks improve carrying capacity?

Ans: Although not drastically, but an upgraded shock adds endurance to the vehicle. By improving the suspension accessories, including shocks, there is a significant possibility of increasing vehicles’ carrying capacity. 

Final Thoughts

As we approach the end of this article, we hope to enlighten you with the necessary details. Next time you shop for best shocks for Ford Ranger 4×4, ensure to follow the list and the buying considerations.

Apart from helping you choose the perfect match for your ford ranger, this review will help you analyze them. Often paid minimal attention, shocks ensure steadiness in the vehicles and improves their performance.

By reducing the wearing of tires, they help to maintain their height and make sure they remain in contact with the surface. Choosing the one with easy installation and a detailed handbook if you an amateur in fixing them.

Experienced users and professionals do not require any such help. You can also look forward to purchasing a toolkit that includes all the necessary accessories for better convenience.

Whenever you feel even a minute change in your Ranger, get it thoroughly checked. Do not overlook the suspension system and the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger, which usually people do.

Replacing the shocks in pairs will save time and effort. Further, replacing them all at once will be cost-efficient. 

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