Graham-Cassidy Doesn’t Have a Full CBO Score

Senator Moran supported TrumpCare the first time around, but he can still make up for it by opposing Graham-Cassidy. There are plenty of reasons why he should oppose this bill--like the fact that over 500,000 Kansans with pre-existing conditions would lose their protections under the bill, and that there is not a full CBO score showing effects on premiums or coverage levels.

13% of Kansans are covered by Medicaid or CHIP, and Graham-Cassidy destroys Medicaid as we know it. It caps traditional Medicaid in a way that will leave many Kansans without a way to get the care they need, replacing it with an inadequate “block grant” that expires in 2026.

Tell Senator Moran not to vote for a bill if he doesn’t even know how it will affect his constituents’ premiums or coverage.


Caller: Hello! My name is [ ] and I’m calling from [part of state]. Can you tell me how Senator Moran will vote on the Graham-Cassidy health care bill if it comes up for a vote?

Staffer: The Senator is still reviewing the text of the bill and hasn’t taken a position on it. There is no vote scheduled on that bill though.

Caller: I hope that Senator Moran will oppose Graham-Cassidy. The bill has not gone through regular order, and the Senate could even vote on the bill without the benefit of having a full CBO score so Senator Moran can understand its effects on Kansas. What we do know is that 13% of our state relies on either Medicaid or CHIP, and this bill destroys Medicaid as we know it. The bill will also leave over half a million Kansans with pre-existing conditions at risk of massive premium increases by stripping away their protections.

Staffer: Senator Moran is committed to making sure that Kansans have the affordable coverage they need.

Caller: If that’s what the Senator wants to do, then he should publicly oppose Graham-Cassidy and instead work with his colleagues on the bipartisan process that had been underway under the leadership of Senator Alexander and Senator Murray.

Staffer: I’ll let the Senator know your thoughts.

Caller: Yes, please do. I will be watching this vote closely and I expect Senator Moran to oppose. Please take down my contact information so you can let me know what he decides to do.

KansasCaroline Kavit