Thank You Senator Collins

Graham-Cassidy got an update over the weekend, and it’s even worse than before. 229,000 Mainers with pre-existing conditions would be hurt by this bill, because the new revised version of Graham-Cassidy allows insurance companies to discriminate without states even having to seek a waiver first. 19,000 Mainers relying on the ACA for treatment for opioid abuse could lose the care they need. We can’t know exactly what the effects of this bill will be on Maine, however, because the Republicans are plowing forward without a CBO estimate on premium increases or coverage losses.

Senator Collins announced yesterday that she would once again vote against this secretive, destructive bill. She is one of only a few Republican senators who has consistently stood up for her constituents during this debate - call her and say thank you for putting Mainers over Trump and McConnell.


Caller: Hello! My name is [] and I’m calling from [part of state].

Staffer: Hello there!

Caller: I’m calling to say thank you to Senator Collins for announcing her opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill yesterday. Especially given that a new version of the bill was released on Sunday, I’m glad she’s voting no. What we do know about this new version of the bill is enough to say that it is bad for Maine -- it will hurt the 229,000 Mainers with pre-existing conditions, and we won’t even know how many people will lose insurance or how much our premiums will go up because there is no time to get a full CBO score. Senator Collins’ concerns about the rushed process used to write this bill still hold true.

Staffer: Senator Collins agrees with you. That’s why she opposed the bill. She wants to protect Maine from Medicaid cuts and keep protections for pre-existing conditions while stabilizing the Obamacare markets so we actually have a bill most Senators can agree to. I’d encourage you to find her statement on our website.

Caller: Thanks! I will check it out. And thank you again to Senator Collins for sticking up for her most vulnerable constituents and for opposing Graham-Cassidy. I am very grateful that she stuck up for us and our state.  

MaineCaroline Kavit