Thank you: Senator McCain

Senator McCain has announced he will oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill, Republicans’ last chance of ramming TrumpCare through the Senate. His concerns remained unchanged from last time around: that Mitch McConnell chose a secretive, partisan path instead of pursuing a meaningful bipartisan approach through regular order. They haven’t held any hearings or markups, and there wasn’t time for the CBO to estimate what the effect of the bill will be on Arizonans’ premiums or on the number of people who will be covered.

The latest draft of the bill was released on Sunday evening, which should only exacerbate Senator McCain’s issues with this murky process. Senators will barely have time to read the bill before they have to vote on it, and they will not have any information from the CBO about how it will affect their constituents. In addition to those concerns about process, the new version of the bill guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions, putting over 1 million Arizonans at risk of massive premium increases.

Senator McCain put Arizona first. Instead of siding with Trump and McConnell, he sided with you. Today, say thank you.


Caller: Hello! My name is [] and I’m calling from [part of state].

Staffer: Hello there!

Caller: I’m calling to say thank you to Senator McCain for announcing his opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill. Especially now that a new version of the bill has been released that the Senator will have even less time to read and understand, I hope he will stand by his commitment to vote no. What we do know about this new version of the bill is enough to say that it is bad for Arizona - it will hurt the over 1 million Arizonans with pre-existing conditions, and we don’t even have a CBO estimate for how many people will lose insurance or how much our premiums will go up. Senator McCain’s concerns about the secretive, partisan process used to write this bill still hold true.

Staffer: Senator McCain agrees with you. That’s why he opposed the bill. He wants to see a bipartisan process run through regular order so we actually have a bill most Senators can agree to. I’d encourage you to find his statement on our website.

Caller: Thanks! I will check it out. And thank you again to Senator McCain for sticking to his principles about the process and for opposing Graham-Cassidy. I am very grateful that he stuck up for us and our state.  

ArizonaCaroline Kavit