Calls to Kill TrumpCare


You did it. You did it! Your relentless, tenacious, bold organizing just defeated the latest version of TrumpCare.

After you threw down and stopped “skinny repeal” in July, Republicans strolled into the month of September thinking they were in the clear and that they could bribe other Senators, whip votes, and pass Graham-Cassidy without you noticing. They. Were. WRONG.

You showed up at their offices. Again. You made calls to your senators. Again. You defeated this bill that everyone thought was a foregone conclusion on Day 1 of the Trump Administration. AGAIN.This is your victory.

In just the last week:

  • 2,233 Indivisible volunteers across the country dialed 320,552 times using our Calls to Kill TrumpCare tool to encourage constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Colorado to call their Republican senators. That’s 61,680 minutes (or 42.8 days!) of call time!
  • You visited our resources, call scripts, and contact information to put pressure on your senators over 201,000 times.
  • You hosted 172 events across the nation at congressional district offices over the course of the week to continue pressuring your members of Congress and for yesterday’s National Day of Action to #KillTheBill.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done to build this movement. We don’t know when or if Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the GOP will attempt to revive TrumpCare. We do know we’ll have more fights to fight. But for today, we celebrate. Today, we’re proud to stand indivisible with you and have you standing indivisible with us.

If you marched, protested, called, or -- yes -- donated to Indivisible, you own today’s victory. This belongs to all of us.