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Just because your Senators aren't frontline targets doesn't mean your work is any less important.

Because of the work of Indivisible groups across the country, it took the House five months to pass TrumpCare—something that every political insider thought would only take a couple of days. Now, Senate Republicans are whipping votes and moving things around the Senate calendar to make room for one last push—a bill known as “Graham-Cassidy”—and they are as close as they’ve ever been to passing it.

This is it. The time to act is now. Call your Senators' offices. Attend a statewide action. Tell them to oppose this bill because of all of the Americans that will lose coverage. Because it jeopardizes women's health. Because it ends Medicaid as we know it. Because people will die as a result of this bill. Get to work.

You can still make a difference and hold your Senators accountable. 

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